20th Century Club of Park Ridge

Club Info.

The Club was incorporated in the spring of 1912 “to improve conditions, civic and general, by working in philanthropic, educational and cultural directions.”  At that time it was known as the Park Ridge Improvement Association.  One hundred years later, the Twentieth Century Club continues to provide members with a balanced blend of activities related to those goals. Management is vested in the Board of Directors, comprised of officers, directors, department and committee chairs.

The Twentieth Century Club Foundation awards scholarships to local high school graduates and raises money for donations to not-for-profit organizations through the annual Benefit and similar activities.  The Social Service Department of the Club provides help to needy adults and children through food drives, holiday baskets and similar donations.  Monthly programs at the general meetings are presented by the various departments, and reflect the cultural and social interests of the membership, now numbering over 250 women.

Although a detailed history of the Club has been archived for each club year, this lengthy document is no longer included in its entirety in the yearbook.

Club Forms

New members are always welcome. They must be residents of Park
Ridge and must be sponsored and endorsed by active club members.
Membership applications are available from the Membership
Chairman, any Board Member, or may be downloaded bellow.